PSU Tech Comm Meetup Learns About “A Day in the Life” of Portland Tech Writers

On Tuesday, October 16th, the PSU Technical and Professional writing program hosted a special event: a joint gathering featuring members of the MTPW program, Write the Docs and Support Driven.


The meetup began with networking and refreshments before Dr. Sarah Read gave attendees a breakdown of what was going to be presented: five vignettes from people who work in the technical writing field, and what their days typically consist of.

The presentees included:

Casey Aschauer, a Technical Writer at Insitu


Parvathy Nambidi, a Web Content Specialist with the Portland State University Office of Information Technology


Christy Lutz, a Technical Content Manager at Green Bits


Verne Lindner, a Product Designer at HashiCorp


Coley Logan, Head of Support at Abstract


The presentations were informative, intriguing, humorous and personable. They consisted of tidbits that went over actual job duties of each person, but also other things that come with the territory of working in the field, such as commuting to work, getting caffeine fixes, planning time for meals, relaxing after a busy day and much more.

After the participants went over their job duties, the discussion opened up and the speakers answered questions about working in technical writing, how they got their start and what programs they used.

All in all it was a fun, informative time and a great event organized by Dr. Sarah Read. The MTPW program wants to thank everyone that attended and contributed, and we hope you can join us on Wednesday, November 14th for the next PSU Technical Communication Meetup!



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