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This blog is run by students of the PSU Masters in Technical and Professional Writing (MTPW). Its purpose is to create community among current students, maintain connections with program alumni and to provide a platform for sharing program news and activities with the broader world.

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About the MTPW

Since 1993, the MTPW has been preparing students for technical communication careers in a variety of fields throughout the US and abroad, including: technology, healthcare, science, government, business, education and marketing.

The degree curriculum balances critical academic inquiry with applied courses that prepare students with the skills and competencies that employers are looking for. The curriculum is portfolio-based, which means that throughout the program students create professional-quality portfolio artifacts that showcase their work as professional technical communicators. For more information, visit the official program website.

“The program taught me to be a confident writer and to use writing as a strategic tool and a means to an end.” ~ Alumnus, Class of 2014

“The program prepared me to collaborate on projects with people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds including software developers, doctors, data scientists, statisticians, operations teams and business analysts.” ~ Alumnus, Class of 2017


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